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Our Mission

Justice Advocates of Maryland is a non-partisan, public policy, think tank and electronic clearinghouse that focuses on fundamental issues of justice. We seek to Educate policy makers, public interest groups, and individuals. Our efforts are dedicated to ending racial injustices in the criminal justice system, ensuring individuals are afforded their constitutional protections under the law and addressing other matters of interest and concern to under-served populations.

In addition to educating those uninformed or under-informed, we aim to Advocate on behalf of those who are unable to either advocate for themselves or get their message out. We realize that data is king, information is "potential" POWER! Each side of an issue has a message. Our desire is to be the voice of the voiceless. Our desire is to rewrite the narrative.

Knowing there are already dedicated, tireless individuals and organizations who encompass the vast landscape of criminal justice reform, we aim to Reinvigorate those existing efforts. Our organization will be a virtual venue for the whole team to meet, collaborate, and propagate simple, clear, and unified messages.

Understanding the complexities of government bureaucracy, the legislative process and the criminal justice system is essential to achieving any measure of success. To this end, we will help Navigate the many technical and procedural hurdles necessary to accomplish clear objectives. Our desired end is to effectuate change. We seek repair, reform and restoration! We are not asking for a seat at the table or trying to take anyone's place in the room. We will EARN our place and prove our presence.

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